About Alkemy Labs

  • ¿What is Alkemy Labs?

    Alkemy is a training platform where entry-level software developers accelerate and certify their skills as productive junior programmers, and companies access job- ready talent. For 10 weeks, the Alkymers participate in different challenges as they develop real-use software for NGOs alongside with their teams and with the mentoring of a senior developer.
  • ¿What is the duration of the program?

    "The program has a duration capped at 10 weeks and is 100% online and remote from anywhere in Latin America (except for Brazil, for now). Meetings with your team and mentors take place daily, Monday through Friday.
  • Who can participate in Alkemy Labs?

    All developers interested in getting their first job in technology. At Alkemy Labs, we accelerate skills so that you become an excellent candidate to work in any of the partner companies of our programs. We accept university students and graduates, bootcamp graduates and self-taught people who already know how to program and are ready to jump into the IT workforce.
  • No se programar, ¿Puedo participar igual de Alkemy Labs?

    ¡Por el momento no! El programa está diseñado para aquell@s programadores/as que ya sepan desarrollar software pero aún necesiten aprender cómo se trabaja en el mundo laboral de la tecnología.
  • What is the price of the program?

    The price of Alkemy Labs depends on the acceleration to which you apply, but it is always low and is designed so that it only covers the minimum costs of the Acceleration. Why? We are backed by the most important technology companies in the region. Our goal is to offer an excelent training so that you land your first tech job. At the moment, Alkemy offers a 100% to the trainees / jr devs that apply to the program.
  • I can't afford paying for my trining, do you offer grants?

    Each Alkemy Labs will have a limited amount of scholarships. We grant scholarships based on financial need and/or performance in the application process.
  • What programming language will my Acceleration be in?

    In your admission process you will be able to indicate in which programming language you want to specialize. We have Labs in PHP, C#, JavaScript, Java, React, among others.
  • What will I be doing during the Acceleration?

    The program has three stages. The first week is the warm-up week that focuses on setting the bases and refreshing some key content. During weeks two through six, you will develop real-life software for NGOs. In the last two four weeks, you will be choosing additional learning units based on the needs and demands of the Alkemy partners.

Technical Challenge

  • I have questions about the challenge

    Our Community is always ready and please to support you! Specific questions about the Challenge can be resolved in a Slack group for applicants, either by other candidates or by senior mentors.
  • What happens if I fail the challenge?

    Do not worry! We will give you feedback on what you need for the Acceleration. You can reapply 2 months after receiving the feedback. In addition, we will give you access to courses and materials so you can continue learning and reapply when you are ready.
  • Is admissions process only based on the technical challenge?

    No! The assessment is comprehensive. Through the challenge, the group interview and the 1:1 interview we assess candidates using a holistic approach.
  • What is the acceptance criteria?

    The selection algorithm evaluates the technical challenge, programming language, relocation availability, LinkedIn profile, portfolio on GitHub, among others.

Final Report

  • Do I get a certificate?

    Yes! You will get a Final Report with your performance on 10 key metrics. You will have the option of submitting this report to the company.
  • ¿Cuál es el criterio de selección?

    ¡Nada! La carrera en desarrollo de software se trata de aprender todos los días, probando y equivocándonos constantemente. Si tu reporte final no obtuvo los indicadores que esperabas, podés repetir la Aceleración hasta 3 veces sin volver a rendir el Challenge de Ingreso.
  • Can I use my report to apply to companies?

    At the end of your Acceleration, you will obtain a list of all the companies to which you can apply. They will be looking forward to connecting with you!


These are some of the companies that trust us

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